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Local and Distance
Learning Training Schemes

That place to be for everyone, who loves textile arts! Here you will find exceptional ways for stepping into modern textile design for beginners and advanced learners.

Our theme:
don't forget things from the past, just re-invent them over and over again!

Modern Needlework is always a combination of perfectly mastered traditional techniques with contemporary variations.
We do not promise you that you will be a professional embroiderer with in a few weeks. It is our aim, to show you textile design, especially embroidery, in a way, that will help you to know exactly why what and how something is worked. This is why it is mostly teaching techniques rather than focussing on finished objects.

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drawn thread - Detail - ©Andrea(DE)

Correspondence Classes

Detailed step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to learn this fascinating art from the comfort of your home.

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non-square Xes - ©Yvonne(DE)

Studio Days

Work on your project with the help of our well trained teachers.


next dates

10. - 18. June 2017


Fee per day:

80 €


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Smokey Mountains - Detail - ©Dita(LV)

Workroom Apprenticeship

full time (3 years)
and part time (4 years).