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Techniques of Needlework

I.Basic - II.Advanced - III.Expert

In 3 modules we lead you step by step to through 6 lessons from a simple, given subject to your own design in a perfectly mastered craft.

You will also learn a lot about the various, great materials available in the market today. So you can work your embroidery with needle and thread as colorful and structured as a painter with a brush.

We will explain to you exactly how the choice of material will affect your work, why you need to use a certain needle for a certain material, which tools also come very hand in the embroidery aand how to set up your work space.

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Joyful Colors - ©Daniela(DE)

Module I

We start with 5 different stitches or techniques per lesson. This is the entry point into the world of the art of embroidery.

In all 6 lessons we use the same motif, it will just be adjusted to suit the technique. It is a traditional motif from ancient times. This makes it easier to get away from the us somehow innate conviction, that we have to interpret each template in a realistic way.

  • Canvas Work
  • Surface Embroidery
  • Metal/Bead Work
  • Whitework
  • Blackwork
  • Appliqué

Duration of each lecture: 2 months

Prerequisite: none

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Piep! - ©Petra(AU)

Module II

We continue with even more stitches, more techniques and the first combinations and variations.

The exercises are worked as a traditional sampler.

For your first small design we will provide you 3 templates to choose from for each lesson. The planning will be done by you adhering to certain specifications and then of course you also should work it....

New techniques in Module II

  • The Third Dimension
  • Embroidered Lace
  • Shaded Blackwork
  • Boxmaking


Duration of each lecture: 3 months

Prerequisite: finished module I

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Bryce Canyon - ©Ute (DE)

Module III

You almost done it! In the last module you will work 6 samplers in the shape of a floral shell. For the execution there are certain rules, you will learn more stitches and more techniques. There will be a lot of combining techniques, you will do experimental work and think up variations.

On request you can work a final project as additional 6 months lecture.

New techniques in this module

  • Shadow Applique
  • More Embroidered Lace
  • Shaded Tentstitch
  • Soft Shading


Duration of each lecture: = 6 months

Prerequisite: finished module II


Start date: anytime

After registration you will receive a personal schedule, according to which we forward documentation.

Some days ahead of this we send the list of supplies and the invoice by email.

Choose your language of instruction as either German or English


Registration fee: 50€

  • due upon registration/non-refundable


Module I: per lesson 75€ (PDF 65€)

Module II: per lesson 110€ (PDF 100€)

Module II: per lesson 150€ (PDF 140€)

Final Certificate Module II: 150€ (PDF 140€)

Help: email / included

Shipping charges: as per cost

Methods of payment: Direct Debit (DE/EU), credit card, PayPal

Additional costs
Threads and Fabrics available from well sorted shops or online at Painter's Shop

Participants from the Netherlands, North America and South Korea: please ask for local addresses.

Additional Costs (optional)
embroidery frame, available at Hof Erdenlicht



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