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Our Workroom is moving to a new place and so is this website. Both are being re-modelled as well.
This is a provisional design and some buttons may not work as they should.
Thank you very much for your understanding and your patience.
If there are any questions please send us an email to hota(at)

A Paradise for Textile Artisans

Needlework - so old but still so young!

singing stag? - dancing Carmen? - fancy cushions

that’s from times gone by!

these days needlework meets the eye in many places

new materials - new creative minds = Mixed Media!

needlework is not meant to be stacked away in drawers, on a table or at a wall

Needlework is part of our Life!

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Painter's Threads

A firework of colors for everybody that loves to work with textile materials.
Silk, cotton, rayon, wool....
Pearl threads, stranded threads, trims, fabrics....
30 bright Painter’s Threads colors, paintdyed in the unique Painter’s technique.

New from 2017: 10 light colors: Painter’s Pastels


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International School for Textile Arts
Correspondence Classes

ISTA’S correspondance classes are popular with students arount the world since 1998. Canvaswork, surface embroidery, beadwork, metalwork or your way into the third dimension No matter where you are, you can easily learn all basic techniques of Needlework from detailed written instructions. 

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International School for Textile Arts
a very special Apprenticeship

Starting in SEptember 2017 we offer a 3-year full time apprenticeship for everyone, whose love for needlework is bigger than the wish to become a millionaire.

Part time apprenticeship takes 4 years.